RHS Chatsworth Floral Immersion

A completely new experiment for 2019 saw us collaborate with one of our favourite creative friends Emma from Orchis Floral Design to create three enormous floral headpieces for RHS Chatsworth. Emma was invited to apply for the catagory of Floral Immersion, a new installation section of the show aimed to completely immerse the viewer in floristry. Emma asked us to get involved and together we chose to create freestanding floral headpieces that visitors could step into for a taste of the ever more outlandish floral headwear trend as seen on Beyonce for the cover of Vogue.

The end pieces were complete insane and the installation was an absolute hit with the public and press alike. Across the weekend hundreds of people tried on and took selfies in the headwear and we were featured in The Daily Telegraph as photo of the day.