Glastonbury Kaleidoscopic Terrariums

We have worked with The Park at Glastonbury since 2015 providing giant flowers gardens in various locations around the area. This year we were lucky enough to work on a brand new installation Kaleidoscopic Terrariums for the entrance to The Park.

Our new giant structures were inspired by current trends for geometric plant terrariums combined with our love of kaleidoscopic translucent colours. We pitched the idea to Misty Buckley creative production manager and head designer at The Park. She gave us the go ahead and proposed to add mirrored columns to the structures to add an extra element.

This project was new and challenging venture for us, bringing together several talented companies to provide the various elements of the pieces and calling for a detailed technical spec and preshow trials of the structures. We were happy to work with the highly experienced and talented crew at The Park to see the designs become a reality.

Each terrarium is made of a bespoke welded steel framework with coloured panels inserted. They are filled with a variety of foliage which bursts from the side sections. They are lit internally.

The terrariums will be installed in The Park for the next four years. We are excited to see how they develop and become part of the landscape of the area.