Lost Village Festival

We provide full site decor for Lost Village Festival. We have worked with Lost Village since it began in 2015 and grown with festival. The theme of the festival revolves around of a lost village deep in the woods, a unique space incorporating different tribal elements, abandoned sets and an air of mystery.

We provide area design and build, design and make bespoke distressed flags, venue dressing, scenic painting and create completely unique installations throughout the site. We design and build the Junk Yard area, Forgers Lane and The Circus of Astonishment. We have created bespoke spaces for a range of sponsors including Moet and Chandon, Botanist Gin, Camden Brewery and Illamasqua.

We absolutely love working with the Lost Village team on such a specific yet open brief; we have the freedom to create a wide range of new work exploring tribal imagery and abandoned ephemera both of which we love. The project also allows us to to collaborate with other artists and practitioners who bring their own surreal imaginings to the woods!

We are thrilled to be back in the woods for Lost Village 2021 and are very excited to be working on some brand new large scale art installations for this years event.

“We have always found that the best results come from finding the right creative person who has all the right ideas. Those people are hard to come by when you’re as picky as us, but Ruthie and the Cloud Nine team totally excelled our expectations. Once we’d explained our ambitions and the inspirations behind the Lost Village project Cloud Nine were soon coming up with a multitude of in-brand ideas that perfectly matched our product. The results were fantastic and we look forward to doing it all again (and then some) next year!”

Jay Jameson- Director, Lost Village Festival